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Office 12 preview video

If you want a better idea of what using Office’s new interface is really like, I recommend this streaming preview video (direct link to WMV stream) that Microsoft has put together. It’s a 13-minute marketing piece so be prepared for some awkward scripted dialogue from Real Microsoft Employees (Dear Product Manager Julie Larson-Green: The camera is over here. Please look at it.), and unless you’re a corporate executive you’ll probably get the gist of it in the first five minutes. Personally I’m excited about the new interface, but then I only use Office a couple times a month and am used to picking up new interfaces at the drop of a hat. For the average cube-dweller, I’m not yet convinced that it wouldn’t cost companies a bundle in time spent relearning.

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March 29, 2006 - Posted by | software, Windows

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  1. There will be almost no improvement over Office 2003 here. Microsoft is doing all the wrong things to improve their software. They should be focusing on simplicity rather than souping it up with excessive, resource-draining features.

    Comment by Mike Zazaian | March 30, 2006 | Reply

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