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Apple patent embeds thousands of cameras among LCD pixels

Oh Barry Fox, does a week ever go by when you don’t find a great patent or two? Today the intrepid Mr. Fox manages to dig up an application by consumer-darling Apple for an LCD display embedded with thousands of microscopic image sensors that would allow users to video-conference while looking straight into the “camera.” Data accumulated by the individual sensors would be stitched into actual images using special software, which will probably be bundled into future versions of iLife. Since the patent specifies almost as many sensors per screen as there are pixels, some of those sensors could have different focal lengths, with a defacto zoom lens created by switching between them. Apple goes on to suggest portable uses for the technology, such as employing the displays in cellphones and PDAs, so you can add another item to the list of features we’ll be expecting from the iPhone and Newton 2.0 when they finally hit stores.

[Via : Engadget ]

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Get on Yahoo! Mail beta

so here’s the step-by-step:
 1. Log into Yahoo! Mail and click on “My Account” and enter your password if prompted.
 2. On the Account Info page next to the “Member Information” header click on “Edit.”

 3. Under “General Preferences” click on the link next to “Language & Content” or “Preferred Content” (mine says “Yahoo! U.S.”).

 4. On the subsequent page in the “New Setting” box choose Yahoo! United Kingdom, Germany, or France.
 5. Click “Finished” and then “Finished” again on the next page.
6. You’ll be prompted to sign a new TOS and then you should get an offer to join the Yahoo! Mail Beta.

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This site has a list of freeware alternatives for windows software, Free and open-source software is good for you and for the world. This is the best Windows software that we know of.
No adware, no spyware, just good software.

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Googles new search results

Google is redesigning their search layout. The new layout will provide more information to users about a site simply by selecting the expandable arrow. Once the arrow is selected then more information will be displayed about the site, including a longer description/summary and a related image. They will also include related links to that site to help users find the information they are looking for more quickly.

This is a good idea by Google because they are not cluttering up the page and at the same time they are providing more information. Here are some screenshots on what to expect:

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Opera 9 Beta 1

It’s been a long time coming, but they’ve finally stuck the familiar Beta tag on Opera 9 and kicked it out the door. As won’t surprise you, most of the change since the last preview build are bugfixes, but since the last major version there’s a whole pile of new features, including built-in BitTorrent downloading, a content blocker, thumbnail previews for tabs, site-specific preferences, and widgets.

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hey i guess most of you guys know this site if u had any problems with port forwarding, but any way i though of mentioning it gain because i had to configure my router fo another software yesterday.

its simply called portforward. it has howto about portforwading for allmost all the well known routers and how to configure it for specific software, your one stop shop for portforwardin

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Firefox custom search engine


create your own custom search engine plugines for your firefox toolbar, you only have to give a name for your sesrch engine and the site or a list of sites to search its just that easy..this is done through rollyo.

Mozilla Firefox Custom Search Engines

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speed up torrents

Have you ever started downloading a torrent and for the first few ten
minutes or so its smooth sailing it down loads very well and says
theirs only few hours for completion..but after awhile it slows down
and hours becomes days and some times it stops all together.

This may not be a fault with your machine or connection but simply a
matter of wrong configuration and some restrictions with Windows XP SP2.

So try these things below and it will probably help cause now i always
down load stuff close to swarm speed and always two three times
faster than the average swarm speed.

settings for yours torrent client (Azurus)

increase the number of TCP/IP connections allowed in XP
LvlLord's TCP/IP patcher

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FeedBlendr – blending you a delicious feed smoothie!

why do I even bother categorizing and grouping all my feeds in separate folders, when I barely ever actually use those folders once I’ve configured them? I started thinking that combining feeds into a single, date-ordered stream would be pretty useful,people like Dave Winer over at Scripting News talking about the idea of a River of News
and that made sense to me. He was (is) talking about making a whole new
feed reader to work like that,without requiring them to change reader.

Enter in a bunch of feed URLs, and then click the big ol’ BLEND button,
and you’ll get back a single URL. From that new address, you can get a
blended version of all of those feeds, ordered (hopefully) by the date
of individual posts, so you can have your very own river of news

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Google Talk beta – beta

There is a new version of Google Talk available that adds a feature that most other instant messaging clients have: user pictures. It also contains a number of new features, including:

 * Pop-up boxes for contacts when rolled over
 * Multiple visual themes with different formats to display chats

* Alerts now have a close button and right-click option

* Contact status changes occur mid-conversation
* Ability to set alert to display when a contact comes online

* Ability to sort contacts by name

* Contact’s name changes transmit occur more quickly

All in all, it sounds like they’ve addressed a number of issues that kept it slightly behind the cutting edge in the world of instant messaging. Being integrated with Gmail has to have been a huge boost for Google Talk, and if they can continue to improve the client, it may well have a chance. Unfortunately, there is no mention of a fix to my personal bugaboo: hotkeys. Hopefully soon.

Note – this is a beta version of a beta product. Confused yet? Me too. Basically, this is a test build. Install at your own risk, yada yada yada. And here’s a review if you’re not sure you want to take the plunge just yet.


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