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Firefox custom search engine


create your own custom search engine plugines for your firefox toolbar, you only have to give a name for your sesrch engine and the site or a list of sites to search its just that easy..this is done through rollyo.

Mozilla Firefox Custom Search Engines


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speed up torrents

Have you ever started downloading a torrent and for the first few ten
minutes or so its smooth sailing it down loads very well and says
theirs only few hours for completion..but after awhile it slows down
and hours becomes days and some times it stops all together.

This may not be a fault with your machine or connection but simply a
matter of wrong configuration and some restrictions with Windows XP SP2.

So try these things below and it will probably help cause now i always
down load stuff close to swarm speed and always two three times
faster than the average swarm speed.

settings for yours torrent client (Azurus)

increase the number of TCP/IP connections allowed in XP
LvlLord's TCP/IP patcher

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