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Windows “kill switch”?

Remember when Windows Genuine Advantage became nagware, notifying you over and over again when it thought your copy of Windows wasn’t legitimate? And remember when it started “checking in”
with Microsoft every day? All’s fair in the name of anti-piracy,
Microsoft seems to be saying, and the latest rumor is that this fall
Microsoft will make WGA mandatory on all Windows PCs, and what’s more, will introduce a “kill switch” for Windows
that will cause the operating system to stop working if the currently
optional anti-piracy ‘feature” isn’t installed. Sounds peachy, huh?
ZDNet blogger Ed Bott has more details. (P.S. If you’re currently in WGA notification hell, My Digital Life has 15 ways to kill the WGA nag screen.)

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Google launches Google Checkout payment system

After literally years of rumors, Google has launched its much-talked-about e-commerce payment system, Google Checkout.
The idea is simple: Google holds on to your credit card and shipping
information, and when you find something you want to buy at a Google
Checkout affiliate, completing the transaction is a one-step process.
“The goal here is to make it be one nanosecond from the time the
customer decides to buy to the time the transaction is complete and the
product is on the way,” says Google CEO Eric Schmidt in the New York Times’ coverage
of the launch. Google has a trick up its sleeve for luring in
merchants, too: If you’re a merchant who buys advertising from Google AdSense
AdWords, Google will waive some or all of your Checkout transaction
fees. But for those who don’t enroll in AdSense, the fees are still
comparatively low: 20 cents per transaction plus two percent of the
purchase price.

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Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3

Today saw the release of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3. This is mostly a security and (one hopes) bug fix release, but the new beta does contain a few new features, including drag-and-drop tab reordering, interface improvements, and some feed-reading improvements. You can download the new beta for XP at Microsoft’s IE site. According to IEBlog, this is the last beta release for IE7 and the next version will be Release Candidate.
The only problem is for the guys without a genuine copy of windows. Like the earlier to versions, this cant be downloaded without going through the windows genuine adv.. check.

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bumptop physical desktop

an extension of the classic desktop metaphor such that files can be loosely arranged, piled, sorted, flipped through like pages of a book, etc. objects can be casually dragged & tossed around, influenced by physical characteristics such as friction & mass, much like we would manipulate lightweight objects in the real world.
Bumptop allows users to use the strategies they employ in the real world to convey information about the objects they own. another goal is to support casual organization of information in a manner where users are not forced to commit to categorization, such as the immediate naming & filing of documents. &

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The Evolution of a Programmer

From high school to a chief executive let’s take a look at the evolution of a programmer…

The Evolution of a Programmer

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Microsoft Robotics Studio

Microsoft announces the Microsoft Robotics Studio, which offers end-to-end robotics development environment customer technical preview for hobbyist, academic, and commercial developers.

[Via :Microsoft Robotics Studio ]

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Opera 9

Opera 9 is finally out of beta. It has many cool new features like inbuilt bitTorrent support, Widgets and many more so got get the free download.

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Flock Beta 1 released

the Firefox-based “social web browser” is still alive and kicking, and with the release of Flock Beta 1, a.k.a. version 0.7, the Flock team has kicked it into public beta mode. Though when the first alpha was released Flock was pretty easy to dismiss as, well, alpha software, the new beta looks compelling, with speed and stability improvements, lots of new features for photo management, feed-reading, search, favorites, and blogging.

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FIFA World Cup scores

FootieFox, an extension that will give you up-to-the-minute scores for today's matches. You can configure it for your preferred teams and leagues, and it will sit quietly in your Firefox statusbar displaying the most recent score, or all matches at the click of a mouse. It even has visual or audio notifications for when your team scores a goal.


[Via : Download Squad ]

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Firefox extension: Download direct from video sites

Earlier in my blog i mentioned about a greasemonkey script for
downloading videos but i have been using this Firefox extension for
some time now and its better and works fine.

"VideoDownloader Firefox Extension add a small icon on the status bar at the bottom of your Firefox window, and a toolbar button.Just click that and download the video you are watching"


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