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Firefox 2 RC 1

For all of u guys who have been waiting for firefox 2 to go out of beta to use the new browser, the time has come. mozila has released the; first release candidate fo firefox 2. So go a head and checkit out.

If you have compatibuility isues with your older extensions use the Nightly tester tools to make them compatible.

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Watch FLV files on your media player

ohhh you may be wondering what .flv are. They are the kind of files you find on youtube, Google video and the likes. You can download those files using either Firefox extensions or various bookmarklets available…
After downloading using these few steps you can enjoy them on windows media player rather than various apps build for FLV playback which aren’t that good at all… so enjoy

First step :
Download and install ffdshow

Then :

  1. Download the packed binary file (build by “Celtic Druid”)
  2. Extract the filter file ( from the archive
  3. Copy the file to your “windows/system32” directory
  4. From the Start menu choose “Run” and enter: regsvr32

If you intend to uninstall the filter at any time run regsvr32 -u and remove the file.

Still didn’t understand how to do it, then watch this video on how to do the whole thing.

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is an awesome little app. For a while, I was sick of video files I
would find and then try to play on my PC, so much so, that my chagrin
was overloaded. If you have a video file that only plays audio, or
won’t play at all, Gspot will tell you what type of file, what codec
you need, and whether you have it currently installed or not. It lists
just about every other video file detail you can imagine including
meta-data, bit-rate, fps, video dimensions, even the codec or test it
thinks will fix your playing problem. Most of the time, you can just go
download a codec and the file will play. It is very nearly brilliant (I
can hear the Guinness guys in the back of my head, Brilliant!), and
takes the frustration out of trying to get the bleeping thing to
play.Here is another portion of the Gspot window. The level of detail
is great for finding out what works to play your file.

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stop Internet Explorer

Help Stop IE……why

  • Prone to viruses and worms
  • Renders pages incorrectly. Web designers then need to spend extra
    time working so that pages work in Internet Explorer. This puts costs
    up, and slows the web down.
  • Doesn’t let people resize certain text sizes. This means those with poor sight cannot read small text on many sites.
  • Far slower program than other web browsers
  • Far larger program than other web browsers
  • Isn’t as user-centric as other web browsers. It lacks many handy features such as tabbed browsing and integrated search
  • Doesn’t support PNG images properly


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“Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin Killed

Famed adventurer, environmentalist and TV personality Steve Irwin,
known around the world as the “Crocodile Hunter,” was killed Monday by
a stingray during a diving expedition off the coast of Queensland,
Australia; he was 44. According to initial reports, Irwin had been
filming a documentary on the Great Barrier Reef, and was diving near
Low Isles Reef, about 1,260 miles north of Queensland capital Brisbane.
Irwin was felled by a stingray barb through his chest, and his crew
immediately called authorities for medical treatment, but Irwin was
dead before an emergency helicopter arrived on the scene. The son of
naturalists, Irwin spent his whole life around animals, and was raised
at the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park. He quickly grew into an
animal expert, with a specialty in reptiles, and was catching
crocodiles by the age of 9; later, he spearheaded Australia’s crocodile
relocation program, capturing the animals from populated areas and
either returning them to their natural environment or raising them in
the Queensland Park. In 1991, Irwin took over the running of the park,
which was renamed the Australian Zoo (and would become a major tourist
destination), and a year later he married his wife Terri, with whom he
would have two children. The footage from their crocodile-trapping
honeymoon was later fashioned into the first episode of his TV series Crocodile Hunter,
and Irwin was catapulted to instant worldwide fame, with his
enthusiastic nature, fearless animal acumen, and his trademark phrase,
“Crikey!” Irwin turned his television success into a feature film,
2002’s The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course,
and in addition to his reptile passions, was an avid promoter of
Australian tourism, including the recent Australia-Los Angeles campaign
“G’Day LA!” In 2004, Irwin suffered one of his few bouts of negative
publicity, when he fed a crocodile with one hand while holding his
infant son with the other. Coming soon after the Michael Jackson “baby
dangling” incident, Irwin was roundly drubbed by press reports, though
he firmly insisted he was in control of the entire situation and his
son was never in danger. In recent years, Irwin campaigned against
wildlife hunts in Australia, specifically crocodile safaris. –Mark Englehart, IMDb staff

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Military tec

Motion DSP is creating a
simple web based interface that will significantly enhance low
resolution camera phone video into surprisingly high quality stuff. It
started off in 1998 as a U.S. military funded project at UC Santa Cruz.
In January 2005, Professor Peyman Milanfar, the primary researcher
behind the technology, co-founded Motion DSP.

The company compares multiple frames in a video to find and replace
lost pixels in a given frame, significantly enhancing the experience
with little increase in overall file size after compression. The
service works best when a video is not moving rapidly or in a jerking
fashion, but tends to improve just about any low quality video. To see
a demonstration, check out this page on the site that contains three different before and after video shots.

The service will go into consumer beta sometime this year, CEO and
co-founder Sean Varah told us. The service will be free and will allow
users to upload a video and download an enhanced version. But he also
stressed that the focus will be on getting deals done with the large
online video sites, such as YouTube, to enhance user-uploaded videos.

Motion DSP is headquartered in San Mateo, California and outsource
large parts of software development to Serbia. They’ve raised a
$500,000 angel round and are currently pitching a Series A round of

[ via – TechCrunch ]

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Firefox 2 Beta 2

Mozilla’s latest beta release of the next Firefox browser

Direct Download Links :   


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