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is an awesome little app. For a while, I was sick of video files I
would find and then try to play on my PC, so much so, that my chagrin
was overloaded. If you have a video file that only plays audio, or
won’t play at all, Gspot will tell you what type of file, what codec
you need, and whether you have it currently installed or not. It lists
just about every other video file detail you can imagine including
meta-data, bit-rate, fps, video dimensions, even the codec or test it
thinks will fix your playing problem. Most of the time, you can just go
download a codec and the file will play. It is very nearly brilliant (I
can hear the Guinness guys in the back of my head, Brilliant!), and
takes the frustration out of trying to get the bleeping thing to
play.Here is another portion of the Gspot window. The level of detail
is great for finding out what works to play your file.

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September 7, 2006 - Posted by | software, Windows

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