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Firefox 2 RC 1

For all of u guys who have been waiting for firefox 2 to go out of beta to use the new browser, the time has come. mozila has released the; first release candidate fo firefox 2. So go a head and checkit out.

If you have compatibuility isues with your older extensions use the Nightly tester tools to make them compatible.

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Watch FLV files on your media player

ohhh you may be wondering what .flv are. They are the kind of files you find on youtube, Google video and the likes. You can download those files using either Firefox extensions or various bookmarklets available…
After downloading using these few steps you can enjoy them on windows media player rather than various apps build for FLV playback which aren’t that good at all… so enjoy

First step :
Download and install ffdshow

Then :

  1. Download the packed binary file (build by “Celtic Druid”)
  2. Extract the filter file ( from the archive
  3. Copy the file to your “windows/system32” directory
  4. From the Start menu choose “Run” and enter: regsvr32

If you intend to uninstall the filter at any time run regsvr32 -u and remove the file.

Still didn’t understand how to do it, then watch this video on how to do the whole thing.

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Firefox extension: Download direct from video sites

Earlier in my blog i mentioned about a greasemonkey script for
downloading videos but i have been using this Firefox extension for
some time now and its better and works fine.

"VideoDownloader Firefox Extension add a small icon on the status bar at the bottom of your Firefox window, and a toolbar button.Just click that and download the video you are watching"


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My Fav Firefox extensions

    These links directly link to the .xpi file, so when u click them firefox would ask to install them when u disable the blocking.

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    Platypus is a Firefox extension which lets you modify a Web page from your browser — “What You See Is What You Get” — and then save those changes as a Greasemonkey script so that they’ll be repeated the next time you visit the page. Editing pages to suit your needs is dandy — but making those changes “permanent” is the real payoff.

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