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Google 2.0

A few days ago, Google quietly launched SearchMash.
Of course, you wouldn’t know by looking at the SearchMash web site that
it’s at all related to Google, but that’s where – surprise! – Google comes in handy. Thanks to everyone’s favorite search engine, this same search engine recently registered and a bunch of related domain names. This post at Search Engine Journal attempts to cast some light on SearchMash.

is being touted – among those who know of its existence in the first
place – as “Google 2.0.” It’s currently in the “sandbox” stage, so feel
free to check it out, play around with the new features (including plenty of Ajax, of course), and spread the word around the blogosphere.

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The Evolution of a Programmer

From high school to a chief executive let’s take a look at the evolution of a programmer…

The Evolution of a Programmer

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