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Firefox 2.0.1

The mozilla team populates the ftp servers and global mirrors before they make the official announcement that firefox 2.0.1 has been released. You may however download the new update of firefox prior to the announcement.

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World AIDS DAY 2006

Take a moment with me to remember that today is World AIDS Day. Around
forty million people are living with HIV throughout the world – and
that number increases in every region every day. In the UK alone, more
than 60,000 people are living with HIV and more than 7,000 more are
diagnosed every year. Ignorance and prejudice are fuelling the spread
of a preventable disease.

World AIDS Day, December 1st, is an opportunity for people worldwide to
unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS. This year, it’s up to you, me
and us to stop the spread of HIV and end prejudice.

Some of the above text was taken from (and please visit):

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Windows Vista system sounds

Windows vista final system soundes have been released. But if u ask me for one thing they are not loud enough compared to the xp soundes and everyting seems to be toned down or if i may say so feminne versions 🙂 of the xp soundes (no offense  to our other halfs).  So checkit out for yourselfs.

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Windows Media Player 11 finale is out

WMP 11 can be downloaded and is the best to date.This release seems to take less memory, and runs at 10-14MB while playing, which is a bit better than the beta. Not bad.

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Firefox 2

Firefox 2 is finally out..officially

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Enhance IE

If your running the new IE 7 and need to do some custumisation (mouse gestures,inline search) or tweaks (max connection etc) to it check out Enhance IE

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IE 7 vulnerability discovered

According to security firm Secunia, the just-released Internet Explorer 7 contains a “Redirection Information Disclosure” vulnerability,
which allows one site to fetch data from another site through the
browser, which opens it up to all kinds of cross-site scripting (XSS)
attacks. Interestingly, the same vulnerability has been known and unpatched in IE6
since April. It’s one thing not to patch an old browser, but seems
quite another to release a brand new browser with the same
vulnerability that you’ve been aware of for six months

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Internet Explorer 7 is Out

Microsoft has a lot riding on this one. Bill Gates has promised a
revamp of the market leading browser, and everyone is expecting
something big from IE since it has been so long since the last release.
Browsers like Firefox are gaining ground, and IE7
better prove something to users, or it could face a steady decline as
it has in the past few years. So needless to say, the browser wars are
back on. IE7 is out, and Firefox is just waiting to pounce on the new
Microsoft browser in the next few days with Firefox 2 (In both Mac and PC formats).
but the thing is i dont like this message that much, im litlle chickeny still maybe ill install it latter….

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Sri Lankan Airlines

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Google code Search

Google released Code Search today. It is billed as the single location programmers can search for accessible code. Google Code Search
can be searched using precise regular expressions, or restricted
searches for particular languages or filenames can be performed.
Google’s code searcher crawls and indexes the web for .tar.gz,
.tar.bz2, .tar, and .zip files. The idea for the code search came about
from Google’s internal code base
search tool that was getting a lot of successful usage. The results
from searches seem a little messy, and quite ugly, which might be a
deterrent for some users, but could potentially be quite a useful tool
for providing more insight into, and solving coding issues quicker.

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