Life of a Jackal

Another day a new beginning

Help Keep Internet Rado ALIVE

sigh the petition and tell your friends to join in to keep the internet radio up and running. It kept us going all those long days and nights pumping new tunes free of charge . Now its our time to help them.


sigh the petition

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Vista at it again

back-lit Vista orb wallpaper bears a striking resemblance to Apple’s “First 30
years” picture displayed earlier this year. hmmm what a coincidence 🙂

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PCLinuxOS on Heroes

PCLOS is finding its way onto desktops and laptops everywhere – even Hollywood.

It was spotted almost 23 minutes into the 13th episode (originally aired January 29, 2007), The Fix, as Zach & Claire scour online newspapers looking for clues to Claire’s real parents.

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